Celebrity Deliveries

Flower Gift Korea has had the opportunity of delivering to various types of people all over South Korea. We are able to deliver flower/plant type gifts to people all over Seoul and parts of Incheon and Gyeongido, and can send our handmade products and other gift types to people all over Korea.

Here are the types of people we have delivered to: Family Members, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Wives, Husbands, Mothers and Mother-in-Laws, Fathers and Father-in-Laws, Grandparents, Friends, Bosses, Employees, Business Partners and Celebrities

We have sent flowers and gifts to many Korean celebrities in Korea. Here are some of the celebrities we have delivered to (In English Alphabetical Order):

*If you click on the name, you can see a blog post about the delivery. Not all of the blog posts have been completed yet.

2AM (Korean Pop Group)

-Jo Kwon

Astro (Korean Pop Group)

Black Pink (Korean Pop Group)

Block B (Korean Pop Group)

-Pyo Jihoon (P.O)


Choi Seoyeon (Actress)

CN Blue (Korean Pop Group)

Crayon Pop (Korean Pop Group)


Dalshabet (Korean Pop Group)

-Cho Ja-young (Ayoung)

Eric Nam (Korean Pop Star)

Eun Jiwon (Korean Pop Star)

G-Dragon (Korean Pop Star)

Girls-Girls (Korean Pop Group)

-Kim Suyoung (Bori)

Hwang Chi Yeul (Korean Pop Star)

INFINITE (Korean Pop Group)

-Kim Sung Kyu

Kim Chung-ha (Korean Pop Star)

Kim Go-eun (Korean Actress)

Kim Yoo Jung (Korean Actress)

Kim Samuel –  Punch (Korean Pop Star)

Kim Saeeun – (Korean Actress)

KNK (Korean Pop Group)

Lee Minho (Korean Actor)

Lee Hwi Jae (Korean Actor)

LUCENTE (Korean Pop Group)

MBLAQ (Korean Pop Group)

-Yang Seung Ho

MONSTA X (Korean Pop Group)

-Lee Joo Heon

NU’EST (Korean Pop Group)



Super Junior (Korean Pop Group)

-Cho Kyuhyun

Lee Donghae

Teen Top (Korean Pop Group)


-Yoo Changhyun (Ricky)

VAV (Korean Pop Group)