Flower Gift Korea is excited to serve people all over the world! We hope to serve and send our products to anyone in any country. So far we have been able to serve people in 69 different countries. We hope to increase the number of countries we serve. If you don’t see your country on the list we would like to add it. So please contact us and find out how you can purchase a gift for someone in Korea or for someone in another country.

Here are some of the countries our customers have ordered gifts from for people in and outside of Korea in alphabetical order:

*We can only send flower/plant/basket type gifts to people in Korea.

argentina Argentina

australia Australia

austria Austria

bahrain Bahrain

bangladesh Bangladesh

belgium Belgium

bolivia, plurinational state of Bolivia

brazil Brazil

brunei darussalam Brunei

cambodia Cambodia

canada Canada

chile Chile

china China

colombia Colombia

denmark Denmark

egypt Egypt

el salvador El Salvador

finland Finland

france France

french polynesia French Polynesia

germany Germany

guam Guam

guatemala Guatemala

hong kong Hong Kong

iceland Iceland

india India

indonesia Indonesia

ireland Ireland

israel Israel

italy Italy

japan Japan

kazakhstan Kazakhstan

korea, republic of Korea (South Korea)

kuwait Kuwait

luxembourg Luxembourg

macao Macau

malaysia Malaysia

mauritius Mauritius

mexico Mexico

netherlands Netherlands

new zealand New Zealand

nicaragua Nicaragua

norway Norway

panama Panama

paraguay Paraguay

peru Peru

philippines Philippines

poland Poland

puerto rico Puerto Rico

qatar Qatar

romania Romania

russian federation Russia

saudi arabia Saudi Arabia

singapore Singapore

slovakia Slovakia

slovenia Slovenia

south africa South Africa

spain Spain

sri lanka Sri Lanka

sweden Sweden

switzerland Switzerland

taiwan, province of china Taiwan

thailand Thailand

ukraine Ukraine

united kingdom United Kingdom

united arab emirates United Arab Emirates

united states United Stated of America

uruguay Uruguay

vietnam Vietnam