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Why Should I Choose Flower Gift Korea Over Other Gift Shops?

What is the fastest you can send my flower order?

Can you deliver on Sundays and Holidays?

Can I make a large order for 5 items or more?

Do you guys ever close?

How do I know when the delivery has been made?

When can I place an order?

I can't checkout. What may be the problem?

Where do you guys deliver to?

Do you guys deliver to US military bases/soldiers in Korea?

How are the gifts delivered?

How long does it take for my Gift Box to be delivered?

How can I find out what the postal/zip code of the address in Korea is?

I have absolutely no clue what the address is, but I still want to send a gift to someone in Korea. Can Flower Gift Korea help?

I don't know the phone number of the person in Korea, is that okay?

How do I make an order?

Can I just message you my order details and you send me an invoice to pay?

I saw some nice flowers on your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook Account, but I don't see them in the shop. How do I purchase those?

Do you guys provide refunds on all purchases?

How can I trust you guys?

Can I send some presents from my country to your shop and have you guys deliver them for me?

Do you guys take special requests?

Do I have to make an account to purchase gifts?

What is the 7 Day in Advance Reminder?

What methods of payment does Flower Gift Korea accept?

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