3 Level Korean Flower Design A (NO Delivery Fee)

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Send someone a typical large Korean flower design.

This type of flower is sent to weddings, funerals, business openings, birthdays, and other congratulatory events.

Flower Gift Korea Standing Flower Design 1

*The message should not be too long, so that it can be easily seen from far away.
Don’t forget that your order comes with a Money Back Guarantee and a complimentary ribbon. Please make sure to write your personalized message during checkout.

This flower design can be delivered to the following areas. And the delivery cost is the same for all of the areas, since this flower design is created by one of our partners. If there are any problems with the flower design, please let us know and we will take care of it.

Delivery to Seoul, parts of Gyeongido, and Incheon

*Please order this 24 hours in advance. It is possible to get this delivered within 6 hours, but if you require this flower product within a short period of time, please contact us.

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Seoul, Gyeongido, Incheon

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