Get a beautiful basket filled with delicious snacks hand delivered to someone special in Seoul, Gyeongido or Incheon.

We hand deliver this product so it reaches your loved one in a presentable manner.

Flower Gift Korea Snack Basket Hand Delivery

The basket is filled with various chocolates and wrapped wonderfully to make the day special for anyone in Korea.

Here is what this basket includes

-1 large Toblerone chocolate bar (100 g)
-1 pack of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (37.5 g)
-1 Box of Peppero (46 g)
-1 Can of Pringles
-1 pack of Cheddar Cheese Combos (48.2 g)
-2 bags of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies (56 g X 2)
-3 Chocolate Bars (48 g X 3)
-1 small pack of Oreo cookies (50 g)
-1 bag of chestnuts
-4 packs of chocolate covered sunflower seeds (10 g X 4)
-6 Loaker Waffers (10 g X 6)
-5 Potato Crisps (20 g X 5)
-8 War Head Candies
-6 Fruit-Tellas
-1 Hamburger Candy
-2 Lollipops
-2 말랑카우 (chewy toffee like candies)
-3 Toffee Candies
-3 mini Hershey chocolates (8 g X 3)
-3 lemon hard candies
-2 Max Bong Snacks (35 g X 2)
-4 Crispy Rolls (30 g X 4)
-3 packs of trolli gummy snacks
-1 Bag of Chips (20 g)

Flower Gift Korea Snack Basket Hand Delivery

Flower Gift Korea Snack Basket Hand Delivery Seoul

Don’t forget that your order comes with a Money Back Guarantee and a complimentary card. Please make sure to write your personalized message during checkout.

The cost of the flower product will differ depending on the final destination of the flower product. Flowers picked up at our flower shop in Seoul will be the price shown above, but deliveries have an additional cost. This cost will be calculated into the price once you choose the delivery destination of the flowers. This is because we take extra care in delivering flowers, so that a high quality product reaches the recipient. The further the destination, the more care needed. Here are the additional costs:

Additional $13 delivery cost per flower product:

Seoul (서울)

Additional $18 US delivery cost per flower product:

Bucheon (부천), Anyang (안양), Seongnam (성남), Gwangmyeong (광명), Hanam (하남), Gwacheon (과천), Guri (구리), Gunpo (군포), Uiwang (의왕)

Additional $23 US delivery cost per flower product:

Incheon (인천), Suwon (수원), Ansan (안산), Goyang (고양), Ilsan (일산), Uijeongbu (의정부), Yongin (용인), Oido (오이도), Gimpo (김포), Yangju (양주)

Additional $28 delivery cost per flower product:

Paju (파주), Pocheon (포천), Namyangju (남양주), Hwaseong (화성)

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Delivery Destination

–Pick Up at Flower Gift Korea ( Yangjae-Dong 246-4 Seoul)–, –Seoul–, Bucheon, Anyang, Seongnam, Bundang, Guri, Gunpo, Uiwang, Gwangmyeong, Hanam, Gwacheon, Ilsan, Uijeongbu, Yongin, Oido, Gimpo, Yangju, Paju, Pocheon, Namyangju, Hwaseong, Suwon, Ansan, Goyang

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