Not everyone loves getting flowers, but who doesn’t love receiving a box full of snacks! Make someone’s day today by sending them a “Snack Gift Box”!

Snack Gift Box B is mainly made up of snacks you would find outside of Korea. It’s a perfect box to give to someone who you care about. This gift box can be sent all over Korea, so if you have a friend living on the other side of Korea; spend a little money and show them that you care.

Snack Gift Box B has much larger selection than Snack Gift Box A. However, both boxes make great gifts!

Snack Gift Box B

This gift box includes the follow items:

-1 large Toblerone chocolate bar (100 g)
-1 pack of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (37.5 g)
-1 Box of Peppero (46 g)
-1 Can of Pringles (45g)
-1 Pack of Nutella Stick Dips (52 g)
-1 pack of Cheddar Cheese Combos (48.2 g)
-2 bags of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies (56 g X 2)
-3 Chocolate Bars (48 g X 3)
-1 small pack of Oreo cookies (50 g)
-1 Fruit Cup snack (113 g)
-1 bag of chestnuts
-3 packs of chocolate covered sunflower seeds (10 g X 3)
-6 Loaker Waffers (10 g X 6)
-5 Potato Crisps (20 g X 5)
-8 War Head Candies
-6 Fruit-Tellas
-1 Hamburger Candy
-2 Lollipops
-2 말랑카우 (chewy toffee like candies)
-3 Toffee Candies
-2 mini Hershey chocolates (8 g X 2)
-3 lemon hard candies
-2 Max Bong Snacks (35 g X 2)
-4 Crispy Rolls (30 g X 4)
-3 packs of trolli gummy snacks
-1 Bag of Chips (20 g)

Snack Gift Box B

Make someone’s day in Korea a special one by sending them a gift box!Snack Gift Box B Main

Don’t forget that your order comes with a Money Back Guarantee, and a complimentary card. Please make sure to write your personalized message during checkout.

Our Non-Flower gifts can be sent all around mainland Korea the following day the order is processed, as long as the order is received before 1:00pm. Non-Flower gifts will usually take an additional day if sent during the weekend, busy times, or if sent to Jeju Island.

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